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Merlin icontest community
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about +
Welcome! This is a community for fans of the BBC's show Merlin. The pictures are posted every week.
rules +
Please note, the rules may change with specific challenge.

1. Use the pictures provided (you can use the same picture more than once if desired. The same crop is not allowed). Blending is also allowed. Textures, brushes and stock images are all allowed, unless otherwise stated.

2. The number of allowed entries will typically be three unless otherwise stated.

3. Do not use previously made icons or premade bases.

4. Your icons must fit LJ standards - no bigger than 100x100 and 40kB. GIF, JPG and PNG format only.

5. Animations are not allowed.

6. Do not post your icons anywhere before the winners are announced.

7. Post your icons as a comment to the challenge entry. Put your icon and its url in your comment. Comments will be screened.

8. Submit in this format:


9. Have fun!
voting +
There will be voting for First, Second, and Third place. First place votes count for three points; second place votes count for two points; third place votes count for one point. The amount of points each icon earns will determine First, Second, and Third places.

There also will be special categories. They will depend on number of entries and will be outlined in the voting entry.
schedule +
We're functioning on GMT time.

Challenge posted: Sunday
Challenge ends: The following Sunday
Voting: Sunday - Tuesday.
Winners announced: Tuesday/Wednesday - depending on ties.
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